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"WOW what a cool program. Addictive too, my butt's asleep cos I've been sitting here so long playing with it... :) " - John Munro
"Open-source project which focuses on simulating artificial life, but does so in an environment with impressive terrain simulation features: flowing rivers, water currents, cloud formation and rain, and reproducing plants that grow in real time" - Virtual Terrain Project
"Hi, I just found this program and I think it's really cool. Funny thing was I've been daydreaming about a program/game like this (a simulated ecology on a tiny planet) ever since I played the game populous: the beginning. I had even been thinking about it again just last week (but I'm a gamer not a programmer), and Lo and behold I was wandering through the sourceforge project lists and found this." - Jarad Hansen
"Hi Dave! When I see your project , my mind almost crash. WOW! Man! Making history here!! ... THANKS FOR THIS AMAZING PROJECT!!!" - Guilherme Vieira
"Everytime I look at Aiplanet some new animal or wierd feature has been added, very cool." - Robert Franklin
"this is really fun, now that I can actually use it. kinda like sim earth. I think trex is doing something dirty with that gazer" - Sodapop_R_P
"This project is fantastic" - anonymous poster
"Never heard of this program before, downloaded it for fun, turns out to be one of the best things i have ever played with.  Keep up the amazing work."  - another anonymous poster
"I love this game, and your quite right this is a game, no point but to have fun, 3 main Game categories this game falls into (AI ALife and God Sim) I love this game it was well done can't wait for the next release!" - Kilroy
"I was real impressed with ai planet.  Was the first demo [glscene] I looked at.  My girlfriend is an eco-freak so she was really into it."  - Matt Weaver
"AI.Planet is pointless.  It can't be done. Your concept of ai is 40 years old." - Christian Jacob, after being shown ai.planet version 0.2
"Woohoo this is cool!  I remember there was something totally whacked going on with the bird in the last version I had, but everything's running smooth-as-silk now - this is some sweet programming you've done. EXCELLENT work! BRAVO FOR AIPLANET!" - Matt Strumpling
"Cool website…I like the concept. You have no idea what you've done. You built the matrix." - Julian V
"ai.planet is great!!!"  Aaron Hochwimmer
"I feel like I've been shown a new dimension of knowledge!" - Patricia
"a.i. planet! LOL, it is fun as hell on mush or cid, i did some cid last night and was playing this game. its fuckin great" - asd159263
"what the fuck is a collision engine? who fucking cares man?  i hate ai planet." - Tony Sirounis, who was joking.  His honest opinion: "i love ai planet man"
"aiplanet is gonna take over the world, like skynet in terminator 2" - Clayton Bakke
"i dont get it" - Sam Kliman
"Impressive." - Dan Kerr
"I love it! :) I think the guy who made it is good looking."  David Kerr

Conversation (link):

13:03, Stargazer> This look's interesting: ^.^
13:04, Raptorjedi> It is, I have it already, found it about a week ago
13:04, Murrmurr> Yes, I'm looking there now, looks great!
13:04, Stargazer> :-)
13:06, Raptorjedi> I probably should have said something about it when I found it, but I was too busy playing :P
13:06, Murrmurr> Its on the ecolife thread.
13:07, Stargazer> Yes, I saw that now...
13:07, Raptorjedi> Gazer, where did you find it? Searching sorceforge like I was when I found it?
13:08, Stargazer> Yup, I scanned the Source Forge simulator archives
13:09, Murrmurr> Are there any serious driving sims, like with a clutch, and stalling, and so forth? (Don't ask why)
13:09, Raptorjedi> I really should have said something when I first found it
13:09, Stargazer likes SourceForge. :-)
13:10, Raptorjedi> So do I
13:10, Raptorjedi> Gazer, have you played around with AI Planet, its fun bombarding the planet with asteroids :)
13:11, Murrmurr> I am downloading it now.
13:11, Stargazer> Yes, I actually found AI-Planet two day's ago, but didn't rapport about it 'till now. :-P
13:11, Raptorjedi> We are just lazy :P
13:12, Stargazer usually throws together a planet with lots of life on it, then bombing the hack of it with asteroids. :-P
13:12, Stargazer> :twisted:
13:12, Raptorjedi> I usually bomb it first, its a good way to make clouds
13:13, Stargazer> Tough I also have a stable planet as well, with mostly dolphin's
13:13, Raptorjedi> :P
13:13, Stargazer likes to raise a land just in front of the dolphin's and watch them jump over it
13:14, Raptorjedi> I tend to start with a really huge barren planet, and put water at the poles
13:14, Stargazer> :-)
13:15, Stargazer experiments with AI-Planet mostly
13:16, Stargazer has to go again, but will be back pronto

Foreign language comments:

jos kad bi napravili neke osnovne zakone fizike, poput mase, inercije, gravitacije, kontakta predmeta sa predmetom, njihovo odbijanje pri sudaru, naslanjanje jednog predmeta na drugi, dakle kompletna interakcija - ja bi bio najaktivniji developer tog projekta :)

danima razmisljam da pocnem da radim na takvom jednom projektu, u pocetku sam, ali mi nedostaje potrebno znanje iz fizike i matematike, kao i vreme :(
Artificial Planet este un mediu pentru dezvoltarea AI (Artificial Intelligence) si ALife (Artificial Life).

Este un proiect OpenSource creat in principal cu Delphi si GLScene. "Lumea" are apa, paman, sori, luni si atmosfera. Plante, animale si pesti pot fi adaugati pentru a crea un ecosistem dinamic. Nori, ploaie, vant, fulgere, rauri si ghetari apar in mod natural datorita diferitilor factori.

Puteti explora planeta din spatiul cosmic, pur si simplu "mergand" pe suprafata ei, urmarind creaturile, sau controland un robot care poate interactiona cu obiectele.
Artificial Planet ist eine Umgebung zur Entwicklung künstlicher Intelligenz und Leben. Es ist ein OpenSource-Projekt und daher Freeware. Die Welt hat Wasser, Land, Sonnen, Monde und eine Atmosphäre. Pflanzen, Tiere und Fische können hinzugefügt werden, um ein dynamisches Ökosystem mit Wolken, Regen, Wind, Gewittern und Flüssen zu verursachen. Wolken und Eisberge entstehen natürlich durch die EInwirkung der Sonne und anderer Einflüsse. Sie können Ihren Planeten vom Weltraum erforschen, indem Sie auf ihm mit der Kamera umhergehen, indem Sie Geschöpfe beobachten oder indem Sie einen Roboter steuern, der auf Gegenstände einwirkt.

Es ist nicht ganz "The Sims", aber man kann viele lustige Dinge mit seinem "eigenen Planeten" anstellen. Einmal den Schöpfer spielen... (gt)
AI.Planet ist eine Umgebung, in der künstliche Intelligenz und künstliches Leben entwickelt werden können. In der Welt von AI.Planet gibt es Wasser, Land, Sonnen, Monde, eine Atmosphäre mit Wind, Wolken, Regen und anderen Naturgewalten. Man kann sowohl an Land wie auch im Wasser Pflanzen und Tiere ansiedeln, die dann in dem simulierten Ökosystem leben - und hoffentlich überleben und sich weiterentwickeln.

AI.Planet ist als Opensourceprojekt unter der Adresse verfügbar.

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