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Welcome to ai.planet!

AI.Planet is a virtual world for artificial intelligence. The environment has water, land, suns, moons, and atmosphere. Plants, animals, fish, and insects can be added to create a dynamic ecosystem. Clouds, rain, wind, lightning, rivers, and icebergs naturally arise from the sun and other influences. You can explore your planet from outer space, by walking around, by tracking creatures, or by controlling a robot that interacts with objects. Artificial Planet is an OpenSource project built with Delphi and GLScene.

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Is it just a game?

Yes, basically it's there for you to have fun and explore a new digital world. But as ai.planet has a full ecosystem and weather model, it is also interesting for visualizing scientific coherences. It is a good teaching tool for biology and physics classes. But at first, it's fun to look at and play with, for everyone.

As the founder of ai.planet says: "The goal of Artificial Planet is to make you appreciate nature."  Go outside and have some fun!  You will discover that there are very interesting and complicated things out there in the forest, or at the beach, or on a mountain.  Nature is far more complex and beautiful than anything that has been simulated on a computer.  Our understanding of Earth is mirrored in virtual reality: we can test concepts of evolution, natural selection, and predator/prey relationships, all from the comfort of home.

Now, you downloaded it and can't wait seeing it in action? Click "Getting Started" above to learn about the exciting little world of ai.planet.

What do I need to run ai.planet properly?

The faster your CPU is, the more complex worlds it will be able to handle. The performance of your graphics card has some impact, too.

The recommended minimum requirements are:

For best visual results, I recommend an ATI Radeon card (9500 or better) with full scene anti-aliasing enabled.

Get official, beta and tweaked drivers for your 3d card here.

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