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The ai.planet team


David Kerr


David Kerr, Aaron Hochwimmer, Dushan Tcholich , Dennis Murczak


Eric Grange, Dennis Murczak, Kaufmann Thorsten, Dan Bartlett, Nik, Ivan Lee Herring, Jeff Yoshimi, Matt Snelling, Johan Rabie, Stuart Gooding, Martin Kirsch, Jason Lanford, Phil Scadden, Mattias Fagerlund, Michael Pokoyovyy, Shiva Danis, Safak Cinar, Matt Snelling, Jarad Hansen, Tom Barbalet, Dennis Murczak, Ian Badcoe


Jesse Jenkens, Russ Paddington, Clayton Bakke, Reid Bianco, Randy Beaton, Mike Poulin, Harshdeep Singh, Sam Kliman, Gordon Cochrane, Michael Zeilfelder, Joen Joensen, Chris Kardelis, Mom and Dad, Psylocibe Cubensis, Alice Dee

And everyones computer that this was tested on!

The ai.planet documentation team


Dennis Murczak


David Kerr

Contributing and Development

You don't have to stop here.  Using ai.planet is just step one.  You can also choose to develop with ai.planet.  Since this is an OpenSource project, anyone can add new creatures, as Aaron Hochwimmer from New Zealand did with the Duck, or you can add new features, as Dushan Tcholich from Serbia did with DNA.  You can write about ai.planet, as Dennis Murczak has done.  Many others have tested, fixed, and visually enhanced this program. Your imagination is your limit!

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09/30/2003: 0.99.R3 - Dennis Murczak 09/29/2003: inofficial - David Kerr 09/29/2003: 0.99.R2 - David Kerr 09/28/2003: 0.99.R1 - Dennis Murczak

Editing Guidelines

Don't use a WYSIWYG editor to edit this document. They tend to mess around with the code. Edit the HTML code directly, using a program like Windows Notepad, 1st Page 2000 or Arachnophilia. Keep the code structured, with tabstops and blank lines to separate the logical parts of the page layout. If you insert pictures, tables or the like, test the robustness of the layout in different screen resolutions and window sizes.

Please use PNG graphics whenever possible. A good freeware viewer/converter with great resizing and PNG saving quality is IrfanView.

Version numbering scheme: For every major edit you made to the manual, increase the ".R" release number by one. If migrating the manual to another ai.planet version, increase the main version number (same as ai.planet version) and reset the release number to 1. Example: 0.98.R4 -> 0.99.R1

Also, don't forget to record your changes on this page under "Revision History" and "About this Document" so we don't get confused about who did what.

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